What is Ad World Championship?

AdWorldChampionship.com is a new website, born of a curious idea: create a space where only the best in the world could be.

Through an auction, people and businesses around the world can compete to get their space. Only one winner will open per country.
Those who have won will represent their country and may place an ad, banner, image in the space provided, with a link to their own website.

The spaces will remain online for at least 5 years, until August 2024.

Who are you?

My name is Miguel Cuello and I live in Córdoba, Argentina. I am currently a freelance community manager, but my economic situation and lack of stable employment do not allow me to pay for my university studies. For that reason, my desire to graduate and this situation pushed me to look for new alternatives and I thought about trying to earn some money with this new idea that occurred to me.

How did you come up with the idea of a worldwide ad auction?

I was thinking of some ideas to earn money and to continue my studies. I think I am a somewhat creative person and I wanted to give life to a unique, curious idea that would attract people’s attention. I also wanted that idea to be useful in some way for others and give me some money. After thinking and having several occurrences, the idea of this website came to my mind. I made some sketches on paper and the idea materialized on the website you are visiting today.

What do you intend to do with the money?

With the money I will obviously pay for the university, accommodation fees, textbooks, materials and related expenses. After that, I would like to help my parents, they have done a lot for me and I want to give them back the effort. I think they deserve a break. A little money would help 🙂

Why don’t you look for a normal job?

I have had varied jobs in the past, but the current situation in my country is not the best and I find it difficult to find a stable job, although I survive as a freelance communty manager at the moment. That is why taking advantage of free time and some knowledge on the web, I said to myself Why not try? This is a good idea that will be useful to advertisers and me. That does not take away my obligation to continue in my job search.

Why are auction prices expressed in US dollars?

Adwo is available to punters from every country in the world, but I needed to simplify the process, and US dollars are a fairly universal currency, known and its use is quite widespread around the world, for that reason the values of bets are made in Dollars.

But calm! Although the currency is expressed in US dollars and the payment method says Paypal, you can keep your place on the web by paying the equivalent in your local currency and with the most affordable payment method for you (Paypal, bank transfers, Payoneer, Skrill, Yandex Money, etc)

How does the auction work?

All people and companies from any country can participate. To win the space corresponding to your country, you must go betting, trying to overcome the bids of other competitors.
There will only be one winner for each country. The one who has made the highest bet at the close of the auction, will keep the corresponding space for the country in question.

What will the winners get?

The winners of each country will have at their disposal a large space where they can place a banner with an image and link to their own website, social network, and so on. The space is perfect for you to announce what you want.

What happens if a winner renounces his place?

If after the end of the auction, the winner does not respond or renounces his space, the bettor who was in second place will be the one who obtains the space.

How long will the published ads remain online?

The creator guarantees that the website with their respective spaces will remain online for at least 5 years, that is until September 2024.

What are the payment methods?

Once the auction is closed, all winners from each country will be contacted to agree on the most convenient means of payment. It may be means such as Paypal, Credit and Debit Cards, Payoneer, bank transfers, NetSkill, Yandex Money, among others.

Although the auction bid is made in dollars, the winner may pay the equivalent in other currencies.

Why should I have my place in the Ad World Championship?

The website AdWorldChampionship.com is born of a novel and original idea unprecedented in the history of the internet. This curious project is going viral and attracting attention of many people and media around the world and that attention will continue to increase.
Obtaining your space on the website will give a new audience to your website and the possibility of representing your country, stand out among your competitors and integrate the limited, select and exclusive group of the best in the world.